Custom: Roped & Tickled By Ghost Part 2

  • 10 min

Description: this is a custom video & sequel to rope tied and tickled by a pansy ghost!just when adam thought it was safe to relax in a different bed, he is wrong. as he is relaxing, his pants and shirt are removed without touching them. that is creepy but all the sudden the creep factor goes up as adam seeing his hands tied by rope again like last time. adam can't move and is bound. then adam notices that the ghost who tickled him last time is back to tickle him more. the ghost of someone adam used to bully a lot. the ghost tickles his balls & cock and adam laughs like crazy. adam begs the ghost to stop again but this time invites a ghost friend to join in too. the other ghost tickles adam's feet as the main ghost keeps tickling adam's balls & cock. the ghost friend never lets go of adam's feet and adam hyperventilates plus laughs more. adam begs them to stop but the ghosts tell adam he has to do something to let them stop. don't want to spoil it just come and see it's erotic as fuck!, amateur, bdsm, hd videos, gay bondage, gay solo, solo, american, boy bdsm, gay tied, gay tied up, roped, gay bdsm bondage, gay tickle, fetish, average body, average cock

Starring: Adam Castle

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